As MIT Concept (standing for Made In Turkey) we are an international trade company located in the province of Denizli in Western Anatolia, Turkey. Our major business activity is the marketing of any kind of Turkish made product demanded in the international market. Particularly and more specifically, we are mainly involved in textiles business and we serve our customers throughout the world by providing them with many diverse items ranging from hotel textiles to home textiles and from lingerie to casual & sportswear. We supply our customers with these various products by taking the responsibility from the first step of their designing and production to the last of their safe delivery to the location desired and post-purchase services.

Our business partners also enjoy the liberty of having manufactured the products of their own designs, as well as, the opportunity to freely exploit a comprehensive expertise and technical knowledge that we have accumulated through long years of experience in the field and are keen to share with them for a profitable, long-lasting and reliable partnership. We have been in the professional textile business for more than a decade now and we make the best use of our experience and expertise in the field to provide our customers with the most satisfactory outcomes. Exceeding 10.000.000 Euros now our current annual turnover is indicative of our present position in the Turkish textile market.